We are a Solution Provider in a wide range of technologies and we support our clients with our ecosystem of capacities.
We are open to discuss your vision and supply you with functional products.
Following you can find the top technological categories of the future we are focusing on.
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We join digital with physical worlds. To achive this we program microchips, microcontrollers, embedded systems or classical OSs with sensors or build our own mechanisms to accomplish with the defined goals. Doing so we can scale vertically to the requests and take the optimal solution.
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Software Development

The growing number of projects and techologies has increased the possibilities of software development and integrations. We offer IoT, Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid development with the best programming languages such as C#, Java or Python. We program PLCs and Assembly too.
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Virtual Reality

As critical field in the coming future we already develop virtual reality and augmented reality. We can create 3D-components and 3D-models or use existing ones. Together with our mechatronic division we build moreover physical devices which integrate with sensors in the immersive new world.
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Machine Learning

The world has understood that we arrived to a point where we need help to improve our decisions. To overcome this, we need to let machines learn over data and suggest us fast and new potential solutions. We offer existing or dedicated patterns to transform data in models and offer you new possibilities.
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We know that clients needs and requirements could be very specific and the solution can not be found in a catalog. We research and innovate with you and through prototyping, step by step, we achive together the targets. We dispose of many skills to analyze a challenge. Take contact with us.
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The company is based and officially registered in Switzerland but we strech internationally. If you are interested in working with us, send us an email with your inquiry/inputs. As we are focused to our clients, please avoid it for other reasons.

@: info (at)
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