Artificial Intelligence
"Intelligence by machines"
We are in a time, when we dispose on a big amount of datas (Data Storage, Cloud, Mobile, etc.).It is not always possible (or perhaps usefull) to program everything and spend a lot of time and money to define the actions/outputs of a special automation or an application and it breaks on an unexpected situation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a database or programming problem. It is also a new requirement to think on it. A system that is in a changing environment should have the ability to learn and responde adaptive. It could be compared to a living person: he has the same genetics instructions like other humans but the experience (as collection of actions/decisions and consequences) makes each people an unique individual.

There is not a intelligence-factory or global solution, but there is a specific reached grown state according to the developing context and time. You can "bring" us the context where you want develop an intelligent system and we will support/give you (with) the tools to accomplish it. They could be:

  • Machine Learning
  • Statistics
  • Data Analytics
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Neural Networks
  • Deap Learning
  • Learning Clusters
  • etc.

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