"Optimizing processes!"
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There are a lot of possibilities to achieve higher returns or increase the speed and efficiency of processes. Sometime it involves a small investment in the present but it will results in a grow and flexibility in the future. These enhancements allow your company to shift the bad used resources to accomplish more dedicated operations and leave the controlling and management to the system. Ones you implement them, you can use them on other projects or in conbination with other clients or suppliers reducing again the first investment and timing.

Following we show you some example of well used technologies for automating processes:

• Automated stocks management
Think on a system that alarm and tell you which products are coming and when they enter the company. They could be arranged where place available is or where the products leak. One time orders come, they can be taken when they stay ready to be catch and the count in stock can be automatically decreased when they are delivered. All can be monitored from your computer.

• Automated credit payments
With a management of money like credit cards you can introduce your own payment methode in your company. With it you can control prices, update stocks automatically, calculate (Big Data / BI) which persons need what and how often. According to the achivement of goals of your employees, you can decide to incentive them with special loads on the cards or open possibilities for gifts. You can introduce a remuneration or exchange policy with your partners and suppliers too. In this way you can reduce the need of fluid money, security concerned with wallets and eliminationg theft. The methode can be introduced to clients for online shops.

• Automated employees management
Each employee owns a magnetic credit card like with its own personal informations and they are in the whole company recognized. With this system you don't need to write or ask for arriving times or office keys. They can be easily managed from one computer (calculations, restrictions, holidays and more) and at end printed as a report or online published. The same system can be worked out for extension like home office or by clients. It could yet be used as a replacement of internal payment (or small budgets) for employees. Think of canteens or personal needs at office (pens, mouse, usb, etc.).

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