Speech integrations
"Simplifying tasks!"
In a fast world full of digital devices communicating each other we have not to forget the power of speech. We are accustomed to speak with other peoples but we forget how rich our language is. It needs a lot of work to align devices and define structured and common communications and enrich them with all the specifications of unique objects descriptions and modes of use. Moreover users need to learn new operations that sometimes are too complex or give possibiliies of errors.

We offer the possibility to interact with machines or programs direct by commanding/telling them. Think on how easy it is if you could command your environment and it responses you. Think of peoples with disabilities (bodies or eyes) and can not interact with computers or smartphones.

This is our idea. We give you the possibility to combine and integrate new or existing technologies with the capability to interact with them in an human form: Speech

Speaking machines:
Interacting machines:
Helping machines:
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