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"Exceed the vision of your ideas and materialize them!"
>What is it?
beonsoft-DNA is the intent to discuss client (and also peoples) ideas and plans without tabus and to elaborate them with all the know-how fields (DNA) in which beonsoft is active. The target of a DNA-Project is:

  • Increase experience
• Unify the abstract organization with the digital world and eventually concretize it with electronic.
• Maximize returns and wins with Big-Data and research.

You can simply elaborate a Business or Intent Plan and together discuss and confront it with our different expenriences and point of view. We can after that:

  • Extend and optimize the used processes/workflows.
• Select and/or customize an existing beonsoft solution.
• Choose and customize a foreign solution.
• Architect a completely new solution for your business.

Actually the active beonsoft-DNA capabilities are under rapresented but new ones join us each time (each capability is described following the Figure):



Definition of a path to achieve your goals. The analyse is establisched according to the context of your Products, Services or Processes. Process will be defined and categorized in primary and secondary and they will be designed in a BPMN diagram.

A large offer of technologies or existing programms are available and will be used in the best way to support, maximize and develop your ideas or projects. We will discuss about architecture (2,3 or X-tier) and distribution (monolithic, shared, distributed, etc.) too.

Big Data
The analyse of a large amount of Data can help you to individuate new business opportunities. We own methods, concepts and tools to elebarate and discover them.

With the support of themes like anthropology, usability and psychology a product or service can achieve a higher experience by the customer motivating the use of the solution and increasing the sales of them.

The orchestration of the numerous forces of a company, the learning of the enemy ones and the understanding of the risks of the market can help a CEO to better und faster drive the company to the target.

Projects must be effective and efficient to achieve the best technological and economical benefits. This is only possible with a easy but concrete project structure and roles definition.

We support our Clients and Project to work according to the actual laws (local and international) and advising them on rules and dangers concerning IT-Rights, Copyrights, IT-Assignements and contracts.

We follow the actual Trends in IT, Management, Financial, Culture and Innovation and give you the best tips and proposal for your environment and projects.

On Internet you need no installation and information are everywhere retrivable. You can sell your products or watch critical informations around the world. We develop in a large range of technologies.

Informations and control always in your hand. Our applications(Apps) are installed in a standard way on your mobile. The are special developed to response to your business model. Actually we support Android, HTML5 and MIDlet.

We design, install and administrate Datadases (MSSQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, SQLlite, MongoDB, etc.) and develop stored procedures (T-SQL or PL-SQL) on them. They can be optimized and in complex scenarios it can we develop an intelligent Datawarehouse/Reporting system.

Electronic is the extension of flat IT-Solutions from monitors and computers to the real life. The integration of electronical component to move objects, retrieve digital images, read temperatures and realize many other complex activities give you the possibility to build complex tools and facilities to help you to meet better decisions and expand your domain of action.

We help you to invent, construct and optimize inventions through prototypes and a feasibility analysis. We help you to maintain your budget under control, avoid expensive errors and hold your project simple and fast.

It concern the planning (with EKP or BPMN models) and implementation of repetitive and precision-specific task in the IT and electronic environment with clear inputs and outputs requirements (Data flow diagram).

Analyse and requirement definition of microprocessors to use in the deploy of complex solutions to perform dedicated and specific time and resources consuming tasks.

Integrate standard automation with your logic and switch and combination concepts.

Embedded small system for not realtime tasks where place saving is important but you want anyway the usability of a full operating system.

Arduino based projects to implement light human tasks and interact with computers with light costs. Components can be ordered or supplied. Projects can be planned, optimized or reengineered.

Microchip based solutions written in assembly and with powerful integrated circuits at attractive prices. They offer a lot of ways to achieve interesting results in small or difficult places. We build projects and support them.

This section contains all the methodologies and resources to research on the achievement of a solution, product, plan, manifacturer contact and so on. Before to invest money or time developing a concrete ideas you should minimize lost time or financial danger taking this sector in consideration.

We are in the place to evaluate products, ideas, projects, manifacturers and contracts. All reserved and discretely.

You can submit us interesting projects and if they are compatible with our thinking and strategy we can invest on you or form a partnership together.

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