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These are some of our prototypes. Client projects will not be show to protect their privacy and security.

Prototype IoT Core (Automation and Remote Controlling)
This prototype is a raw example of a IoT system. IoT or "Internet of Things" is nowadays one of the last emerging concepts to join devices, sensors and automation each other without internet. In this example we used Bluetooth and communicate with an Android-Smartphone. We could build it with other components like Rasperry or Arduino, but we decided to use a microprocessor and low level code to program it, to demostrate the core and only functions we need. Moreover in this way there are no possibilities of malware attacks, it is version indipendent, the components are 40 years guaranteed and you can debug and interface it with a variety of instruments (For ex.: RS232 or Putty).

Prototype electricity measure (Epilepsy/Environment)
This prototype is able to measure electricity at millivolts levels and potentially until 1 MHz frequencies (with the used processor). Possibilities of use are to prevent the fast and high frequencies of a seizure or the activities of electricity in the environment with a lot of devices or antennas. In the prototype electricity levels up of 1 Volt are signaled with a red light. It is possible to send the signals by bluetooth to a smartphone and reduce the device size. It functions with a USB connection or a small battery (>2V / For ex.: CR2032).

Prototype ergonomical table (dorsum/shoulder saver)
For the peoples that need to sit down for working the whole day, we design a portable and light table-elevator. It is configurable, the materials could be exchanged and according to your needs you can set a more or less power engine to elevate what ever you want. In this pilot-project the table resides in front of the monitor without the need to damage a desktop (for example: office or home). We have a bunch of layout variants to enable you to adopt it in the most confortable situations.

Prototype binary thermometer
Programmable temperature sensor ready to communicate with other elements or with a computer to monitor environments and take decisions. Click on the picture for the video.
In the example the first led at the link signal the presence of the sensor and the right 6 leds the binary themperature:
010011 bits -> 19 C

Prototype mechanized controlled camera
A controllable camera from a mobile device or computer to have a view everywhere everytime. This prototype can be redesign to fit your environment and involved to control for example spaces when you are away like on holiday or from office or close places not reachable otherwise. Click on the picture for the video.

Prototype motor-elevator from PC
A basic use of a motor to convert a rotation movement to a vertical movement. Other technical know-how are required to link it to a pc and build, calibrate and calculate the whole prototype. This prototype can be redesign to a more suitable and human design and involved to open doors, water tap, to lift a webcam, etc. Click on the picture for the video.

Prototype PCB design (SMD and THT)
To allow always smaller and robuster systems, developers need to pass from THT systems to SMD ones. It means, sometime they need special boards to fit their projects but they don't exists yet. We researched the processes behind it and the required supply chain management on the needed materials. On this way we can mix SMD and THT components centering the focus on the design and features of the projects.

Research on: Solar energy
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Research on: Heart systems
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Research on: Drones

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